Corporate Vision

We build comfortable working area, design suited ventilation plan for any kind of buildings (factory, warehouse, farm house).

Mission Statement

1. No ventilation inside building which results in constant indoor heat. Staff work efficiency poor.
2. Dust accumulation due to poor, indoor air quality. Operator turnover rate high.
3. Many years of indoor Plant heat and moisture cause illness among staffs. Equipment damage quickly.
4. Customers who visited the factory always complained of unpleasant air. Environment uncomfortable.

Our Services

How we do

In general, operators working with indoor mechanical operation have to work in a very uncomfortable environment where heat and dust are accumulated over a long period of time.

Negative pressure ventilation system
Strong exhaust effect resulting in a large rapid air flow. The indoor heat and dust gets extracted out of the building, and fresh outdoor cool air is pull indoor to achieve the ventilation cooling effect.

Most enviromentally friendly, the most economical and most effective large-scale indoor ventilation system.

  In Asia, millions of businesses already use our ventilation system, from small
  companies to the Fortune 500.
  Taiwan Global Enterprise,   Bang Bu   Mr. D.I.Y. Co., Ltd.
  T.E.M. Company
  Chon Buri

  Field observation
  check the problem
 Design fit
 3D design solution
 details discussion
 installation services