Company Name   THAI MEIRA CO., LTD.
Address   Siam Eastern Industrial Park
60/10 Moo 3, T. Mabyangporn
A. Pluakdaeng, Rayong 21140, Thailand
Tel   66 (0) 3889 1402-5
Background   Thai Meira supplies high tension bolts, precision threaded parts and cold forged special bolts including critical safety parts such as engine, brake, suspension and chassis components, etc, to automobile and other industries in not only Thailand but also ASEAN countries.

To achieve the high reliability of the products, the integrated production system has been established using a wide variety of the advanced production facilities equipped with sophisticated sensors to detect out-of specification parts. With our advanced production control system, Thai Meira is able to provide error-free, on time delivery.

Additionally, Thai Meira is being extensively supported by Japanese leading fastener company, Nagoya Screw Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Thailand's prestigious Somboon Group.
Year Established   1995
Paid Up Capital   BAHT 400 Million (2006)
Staff Strength   560
Key Personnel   President  Yoshiaki Okumura
Director  Haruhiro Maruyama
Nature of Business   Manufacturing of fasteners like high tension bolts (M6-M16),
precision cold forming parts and washer ass'y bolts (M6-M12) for automobile industry.
Principal Products/Services   Heading Machine
Capacity M6-M16
- Monitors Headers
- Computerized Force
- Sensing Equipment
- Senses Changes in Header Force

Thread Rolling Machine
Capacity M6-M16
- Monitors Threaders
- Computerized Position Sensor
- Senses Changes in Blank Position

Mesh Belt Heat Treatment
- Control of Heat Uniformity
- Continuous Line
- Higher Production Rates
- Tight Control of Heat Treat Variable
- State of the Art Furnace

Zinc Plating
- Automatic Barrel Type System
- Automatic Chemical Control System
- Baking Furnaces
- Various Chromate: Clear, Yellow, Green, Black and Trivalent Chrome.

Bolts for Engine
a) Bolt Connectingrod
b) Bolt Cylinder Head
c) Bearing Cap

Bolts for Chassis
a) Bolt Wheel
b) Flange Bolt
c) Bolt Washer Ass'y

a) Linehead Bolt
b) Gimlet Bolt
c) VT Thread
d) CT Thread
Main Shareholders/Parent Company   Meira Corporation
17-15, Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-city
Aichi-Pref., 453-0015 Japan
Tel: (052) 459 1271
Fax: (052) 459 1279